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Introducing a modern take on the traditional textbook.

The Bill of Rights Institute
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A comprehensive digital course on History, Government & Economics

Easily search for primary-source focused resources that fit seamlessly into your teaching plans.

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    Access to an extensive library.

    Teachers can access student readings along with corresponding teacher materials including classroom activities, presentations, and assessments.

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    Resources created by fellow teachers.

    Teachers understand what‘s needed to properly teach content in the classroom better than anyone else. That‘s why all of our course content is written by teachers.

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    Materials that meet standards.

    All materials highlight primary sources and meet state standards.

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    All the content covered in traditional textbooks.

    The course covers history, government, and economics topics in a way that will excite your students more than a traditional textbook.

    • American Government

      American Government

    • Civics Today: Citizenshiop, Economics, and You

      Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics, and You

    • Economics: Principles in Action

      Economics: Principles in Action

    • Civics in Practice: Principles of Government and Economics

      Civics in Practice: Principles of Government and Economics

High–quality, interactive content available across all devices.

Course material is available everywhere from your laptop to your cell phone, from the computer lab to your couch.

The Bill of Rights Institute from desktop to tablet to mobile!

Course materials easily adapt to your teaching situation.

  • Devices are available in the classroom.

    Students can complete readings and work on corresponding activities in class or a computer lab.

  • Students have devices at home.

    Students can complete readings for homework. Activities can be completed in class.

  • No devices are available.

    Print off materials and provide them for students to use in the classroom or at home.

An engaging interface provides a better experience for students.

  • Bring History to life.

    Bring History to Life.

    Readings include engaging images and videos that provide a more interesting way for students to interact with historical content.

  • Test your knowledge.

    Test Your Knowledge.

    At the end of each reading, students are presented with a series of relevant multiple choice questions which provide the opportunity for students to test their understanding of the reading content and receive immediate feedback.

  • Adjust the size and style of text.

    Adjust the Size and Style of the Text.

    Students can easily adjust the display of the text and choose the style and size that works best for their individual preferences and learning needs.

Designed to fit the needs of teachers like you.

An intuitive interface puts course content front and center, making it easy to find what you need.

  • Find the materials you need easily.

    Search by topic or by a particular standard to quickly find primary-source focused materials that will help support the goals of your lesson.

  • Our materials meet standards.

    Every reading and activity meets state standards. Select your standards and only see content that is applicable to you.

  • Save your favorite materials.

    As you review materials, save your favorites so you can easily find them later.

The Bill of Rights Institute is a trusted resource for teachers.

  • “The lessons and resources I received from the Bill of Rights Institute can immediately be integrated into my classroom. My students already love Bill of Rights Institute lessons because they are interactive and thought provoking.”

    Julie Conrady, Government Teacher, Oklahoma

  • “The way each lesson is broken down makes it easy and manageable for the teacher. The content is very rich and grade level appropriate. It is varied so that the kids will be engaged and on task at all times.”

    Talithea Biggs, History Teacher, New Jersey