Is it really free?

Yes, really!

How can I get in touch with you?

Easy! We would love to hear from you. Visit our contact page, fill out the form, and we’ll respond to you right away. You can always access the contact page from a link in the footer.

What’s the best way to use this textbook?

You can go through the material unit by unit to replace your existing textbook, or you can search and find readings or activities as you need them.

You can use it as a full replacement for your existing material, going through it unit by unit. Or, if it’s more convenient, search and find only the activities you need when you need them.

How do I search the site?

Using the top search bar (or the one in the upper right corner) you can search for units, readings, activities, and lesson plans.

May I reuse the material in other contexts?

You are free to copy, distribute, and transmit the work, but you must attribute it to the Bill of Rights Institute, and it must be for non-commercial use.

How do I send my students a link to the reading?

At the top of a reading or unit page there is a link to share the reading with your students. You can copy the link by clicking on the copy button.

How can I send materials to colleagues?

If you like Documents of Freedom we’d love for you to share it. Simply click on the Email Reading tab and your default mail manager should come up with a populated email message. You can also use Twitter or Facebook. Just click on one of the social media icons in the lower right hand corner.

How do I print out readings?

Navigate to a reading page and click on the second tab titled ‘Print Reading’. A box should pop-up prompting you to print.

How do I edit my displayed standards?

Click on Account Settings in the top right corner, and select your state or desired standards set.

How do I edit my email or password?

Click on Account Settings in the top right corner.

How do you treat teacher and student data submitted to this site?

The Bill of Rights Institute is committed to protecting the private information of teachers, parents, and students, and we take many safeguards to protect your privacy. Check out our privacy policy to learn more.

What browsers are supported?

We support all modern browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8 and up.

Do you provide professional development opportunities?

Yes! The Bill of Rights Institute provides professional development workshops throughout the year in addition to many other resources for teachers and students.